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Make-up and hairstyling with subsequent support for advertising, whether for photo or video / print or digital. Depending on your wishes, whether classic, natural or unusual, I will help to implement the perfect look!



In order to create your perfect look for hair and make-up and to get to know you in advance, a bridal styling even includes a trial styling on a day of your choice! You decide whether completely natural or a little more conspicuous, hair open / half-open or pinned up! I will also be happy to give you a few cosmetic tips, you will get a small "refreshment bag" on your wedding day and I am always available for questions!



Make-up and hairstyling with subsequent support for various video shoots such as film projects, live streams or image shoots

Videokamera Konferenz



My name is Elouisa Kotterba and I am a Germany based makeup artist and hairstylist.


Growing up with German and French, having lived overseas, I am available for international bookings with my main bases being Berlin and Frankfurt.

After making international experiences I started my journey of becoming a makeup artist with a full time formation in makeup and hairstyling for different branches and occasions.

As I am always willing to expand my knowledge I went e.g. to a cosmetician school to learn more about skin, skin care and different skin types and regularly go to workshops to be updated with the latest insights as well as trends.


For me, my job implies the combination of all the knowledge and skills that I acquired to meet my clients' expectations. Instead of hiding, I love to be enhancing the natural beauty and features to be able to adulate and create the best version of whoever is in front of me.



1. Produktionen: NeopolFilm -Assistenz bei Kinofilm ,,Eine Handvoll Wasser" ; VPS Media: z.B. Netflixtrailer ,,der Primus" ; Silent Village Production


2. TV: z.B. Voxx (die schönste Braut)


3. Business: verschied. größere Unternehmen, u.a. Banken


4. Musikvideos: z.B. Vanessa Mai, Xavier Naidoo

5. Events: z.B. YES!CON 2020, Hilfe für krebskranke Kinder Fotoaktion 2019, Jewrovision 2019

6. Commercial: z.B. John Doe, Kampagne in Kooperation mit Dove und YesWeCancer,...

7. Fashion: z.B. Urban Fashion Show (Mainz)

8. Fotografen: z.B. Peter Müller, Ralf Michalak, Mario Diener, forTINA Photography, AmbrosiaArt


9. People: verschied. Models, Talents, Schauspieler, Moderatoren, Influencer,...



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